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About The Dental Centre

Beautiful smiles come from good oral care.

The Dental Centre is a General  dental practice situated at  GoldenKey Eye and ENT hospital in Colombo Rajagiriya.

It caters to all dental needs from oral surgery to implant dentistry. Gerodontics (treatment of the aged population) to cosmetic dentistry.

All dental surgeons have further training abroad. They continuously undergo training in their respective fields in dentistry to provide the latest and most innovative treatments to their patients.

The Practice is mostly spear headed to cater to the Sri Lankans living in this country. They are given the best treatment possible at a reasonable price.

The practice is owned by a Consultant Oral and maxillofacial Surgeon who has more than thirty years of experience. Minor oral surgery and major surgery including maxillofacial surgery are being carried out in modern surgical theatre complexes with well trained surgical teams.

In house dental X-ray facilities with small dental x-rays (IOPA) as well as Ortho Pantomograms(OPG) Lateral cephalograms are used for accurate dental Diagnosis. This is situated separately in the building for protection from unwanted radiation exposure.

A multi disciplinary treatment approach for aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry is carried out by experienced doctors in Dental implants ,crown and bridge work, and orthodontic treatment and reconstructive treatments.

All treatments are well documented, discussed and the latest software are used to assist in treatment planning.

Limited number of vacancies are available for interns and postgraduate trainees. They are being given a position after a thorough scrutinity and the best of the best out of them work as house officers.

Dental surgeons from abroad are also being given an opportunity to learn and be as observers only in accordance with the Sri Lanka medical council regulations.

Since different specialties are being practiced on respective surgeries on specific days, which allows a better treatment for patient and as well as a good methodical learning experience for students in dentistry.

This novel method allows the vast knowledge accumulated throughout the years by our senior dental surgeons to hand over to the next generation in dental profession.

The website also allows the general public as well as the dental surgeons who need to update their knowledge in different specialties in dentistry to easily get in touch with the respective fields and treatments in dentistry available in Sri Lanka to some extent.

Since space is a limitation, although we have many outdoor patient (OPD), dental surgical units, some new patients may have go through a waiting period to see a doctor which we somehow try to make it less than two weeks. Emergency treatment and patients in pain and severe discomfort are always given a priority ,but may not be seen by the doctor of their choice. They will be given an appointment with the doctors of their choice at a later date.